7k Tandem Trailer Kit 2 brake axles & 15" 10Ply Tires Silver Mod Wheels

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Thinking about building a trailer? Need to replace the axles tires and wheels on your current trailer? Check out this 3.5k Tandem Trailer Axle Tire Wheel Kit. This trailer kit comes with two 3500 lbs Electric Brake trailer axles, four tires and wheels, four double eye springs, two u bolt kits, and a tandem trailer axle hanger kit. This kit provides all necessary parts to replace your trailer axles, trailer suspension, and trailer tires and wheels. 


This kit includes:

(2) 3500 lbs electric brake trailer axle 5 lug.

(4) 4 leaf double eye springs.

(2) U-bolt kits.

(1) Tandem Axle Hanger Kit.

(4) 15” 10-Ply Radial Trailer Tire Silver Mod wheel combos


Kit comes with all necessary hardware to install both axles on your trailer. 

Select from the options above to get what you need today. If you do not see the option you need, give us a call, or fill out a custom axle order form, email or fax it to us for a quote.

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Axle Brand: Rockwell American


Country Assembled:  The U.S.A.


Capacity Per Axle (LBS): 3,500


Stud Size: 1/2"


Hubs/drums: 5 Lug Drums


Spindles: #84


Spindle Size: 1-1/16"


Axle Tubing Diameter (Inch): 2 3/8"


Axle Tubing Thickness: .180"


Lubrication: EZ-Grease Zerks in Spindles


Spring Pads: Welded on Axle


Brake: 10" x 2" Electric Brakes assembled on the axle. (brakes on both axles)


Brake Flange: 4 Bolt Welded on Axle


Pre-Greased: Yes


Inner Bearing: L68149


Outer Bearing: L44649


Suspension: Leaf Spring


Cambered: Yes


Underslung: Yes (the axle sits on top of the springs)






Bearing, Race, and Seal Information:




Inner Bearing - L68149


Outer Bearing: L44649


Seal: 10-19 EZ-Lube:


1.719" Inner Diameter.


2.565" Outer diameter.




Inner Race: L68111




Grease Cap:


1.98' Outer Diameter - EZ-Lube with Rubber Plug


Spindle: EZ Lube



Axle Beam Acts as part of your trailer Suspension for hauling loads. 


Great for replacing an old axle or bent damaged axle on your trailer


Made of High Strength Steel


Underslung axle design: spring pads are welded to the underside of the axle for mounting leaf springs.


Spring pads are pre-welded on the trailer axle for your convenience. 


The 5 lug Hub Drums & Electric Brakes are assembled on the axles with the bearings, seals, pre-greased, fully assembled for simple install on your trailer.


Limited 2-year warranty 




Hub face:

refers to the length of the axle measured from the base of one wheel stud to the base of the wheel stud on the opposite side of the axle 

(when hubs are mounted on the beam).




Spring center:

 is the approximate width of your trailer. It is measured from the center of the spring seat on one side of the axle to the center of the seat on the other. 

This axle beam comes with the spring seats welded on.






Use the distance between the center of one bolt hole to the center of the bolt hole adjacent to it:

If the distance is:


2-5/8" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2

2-3/4" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4

3" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 5

3-1/4" - the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-½



Tire & Wheel Specs:

Tire Specs

Tire Size: ST225/75R15 

Load Index: 117/112

Speed Rating: L

Ply Rating: 10

Load Range: E

Max Load Per Tire: 2,830 lbs

Max Air Pressure (PSI): 80 lbs

Tread Depth: 6.5

Tread Design: WR078

Section Width: 9”

Overall Diameter: 28.2”

Wheel Specs:

Wheel Size: 15" x 6"

Center Bore Hole: 4.28" 

Offset: 0

Wheel Material: Steel

Bolt Pattern: 6 on 5.5"


Tire comes Mounted & Balanced (by manufacture) on Wheel, aired up ready to install on your trailer.



Spring Specs:

4 Leaf 1-3/4" Wide Double Eye Spring 1.75k Cap. 25-1/4" Eye to Eye.

Spring Type: Double Eye

Capacity per spring: 1,750 lbs

Leaves: 4

Dimensions: 25.25" Length x 1.75" Height

Eye Dimension: 9/16"

Arch Height: 3.25"

This Trailer Axle Spring is the most commonly used leaf spring on 3.5k axles. 

90% of trailer manufacturers use this spring when building light-duty utility trailers.



U-Bolt Kit Specs:

3.5K U-Bolt Kit for 2-3/8" Round Tubing Axles 3500 lb axles

1 U-Bolt Kit includes all the u-bolts, nuts and tie plates for one axle.


(4) 7/16"-20 x 2-3/8" x 5-1/2" U-Bolts

(8) Nuts

(2) Tie Plates for 1-3/4" wide Double Eye leaf springs



Tandem Hanger Kit Specs:

(2) EQ-E1 equalizers, 9 inches overall 

(6)  3" tall hangers

(8) shackle straps

(14) 9/16"-18 x 3" long shackle bolts

(14) 9/16"-18 lock nuts