Hutch Trailer Spring, Three Leaf - High 6" Arch 22,400 lb GAWR

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Trailer Parts Trailer Leaf Spring - LS2726 : 3 Leaf High 6" Arch. - Hutchens Part No.: 354-00 - TRA Part No.: TRA2726. - U-Bolt Kit No.: R30U816116. The TRP Trailer leaf spring is made up of multiple spring steel leaves that support the vehicle or trailer weight, absorb bumps and locate the axle to the vehicle or trailer. The TRP® program provides a “full taper” style of leaf spring. This style uses two to four spring steel leaves of varying thicknesses. Each leaf is approximately the same length. As leaf springs age, they tend to lose strength and cause the vehicle to sag. Inspect the vehicle or trailer for proper ride height or for badly corroded or cracked leaves. If a spring or leaf is damaged, replace both spring assemblies in pairs.ROCKWELL AMERICAN PART DESCRIPTION: LEAF SPRING ASSEMBLY, TRAILER SUSPENSION, 3 WIDE X SE-LEN 22-1/2 X LE-LEN 23-5/8, HK-1 BUSHINGS, 3 LEAVES, 6 ARCH, 2.493 THICK, WGT 54.0 TRAILER SPRING 354-00,3-LF HIGH ARCH HUT. 3 Leaf 3" Wide Hutch Trailer Leaf Spring 11.2k Cap. 45.125" End to End (22-1/2" SE / 23-5/8" LE)