ST205/75R15 6-Ply TPU Radial Tire & White Spoke 5 Lug Wheel

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WR078 ST205/75R15 C/6PR Tires. Manufacturer part number: WR0782057515C.
The Velocity WR078 trailer tire is a radial tire for travel trailers, pop-up campers, boat trailers and utility trailers used for hauling everything from race horses to yard debris. This is a very versatile and long-lasting tire that is designed to make towing a trailer more enjoyable and more economical. The Velocity WR078 trailer tire has a ribbed tread pattern for traction. The rounded profile and extra rubber under the tread helps to protect the tire from flats and gives it more stability, traction and long-lasting wear. The tire's internal structure includes twin steel belts that stabilize the tread to increase traction and durability. This Velocity trailer tire is a special purpose trailer tire, that is not UTQG rated, nor is it for use on passenger car vehicles or light trucks. It must only be used on trailers.

Tire Size: ST205/75R15
Load Index: 101/97
Speed Rating: L
Ply Rating: 6
Load Range: C
Max Load Per Tire: 1,820 lbs
Max Air Pressure (PSI): 50 lbs
Tread Depth: 6.5
Tread Design: WR078
Section Width: 8.2”
Overall Diameter: 26.9”


Wheel Size: 15" x 5"

Center Bore Hole: 3.19" 

Offset: 0

Max Load Per Wheel: 1,870 lbs

Wheel Material: Steel


Tire comes Mounted & Balanced (by manufacture) on Wheel, aired up ready to install on your trailer. 


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60 day manufacture defect warranty