ST225/75R15 10-Ply TPU Radial Tire & Black Mod 6 Lug Wheel

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ST225/75R15 10-Ply Radial Trailer Tire Mounted on 15" Black Mod Trailer Wheel 6 lug 5.5" Bolt Pattern

Tire Specs

Tire Size: ST225/75R15 

Load Index: 117/112

Speed Rating: L

Ply Rating: 10

Load Range: E

Max Load Per Tire: 2,830 lbs

Max Air Pressure (PSI): 80 lbs

Tread Depth: 6.5

Tread Design: WR078

Section Width: 9”

Overall Diameter: 28.2”


One Tire to Tow It All


Whether you’re towing a horse trailer, a camper, a boat or a utility trailer, they all have one thing in common: they’re your precious cargo and need a reliable set of tires to get them to their intended destinations.

Cue the Velocity WR078 Trailer Tires—a versatile tire that’ll keep your budget on track and, more importantly, your trailer safe on the way to yet another adventure. Featuring a ribbed tread pattern for traction and extra rubber under the tread for durability and protection against punctures, these tires are designed for whatever the road throws at them. Internally, they have twin steel belts running through them, promising long-lasting wear and an extra layer of tread stability.

Are you planning on traveling for a long-distance? How about at high speed? The Velocity WR078 tires have got your back. These tires are radial tires—meaning steel belts run at a 90-degree angle of the tread centerline (the alternative, bias-ply tires, consist of nylon belts running in a crisscross pattern 30-45 degrees of the tread centerline). In laymen’s terms, it means that they’re tougher and run cooler, a critical feature when you’re driving long distances. Their flexible sidewalls also allow for a smoother ride, especially if you’re pulling horses (think more “cushion” for their legs).

So go ahead, pull the plug on that big cross-country trip you’d been planning since last fall! You’ll have the peace of mind and the budget to make it your best trailer season yet. After all, the warm weather is calling your name.


What to expect from your new Velocity WR078 Trailer Tires:

Excellent handling and tread stability.

Quiet, smooth handling on the highway.

Extra rubber under the tread for protection from punctures, more stability, traction, and wear.

Twin steel belts for tread stability, traction, and durability.

Long tire life.

Peace of mind



Wheel Specs:

Wheel Size: 15" x 6"

Center Bore Hole: 4.28" 

Offset: 0

Wheel Material: Steel

Wheel Style: Black Modular Wheel


The tire comes Mounted on Wheel, aired up ready to install on your trailer. 


Radial Tires vs. Bias Tires

Radial tire vs bias tire graphic


Radial ply tires are designed for trailers that are towed on the highway. The cords on a radial tire are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel so that they lay across the width of the tire from wheel lip to wheel lip. This construction prevents the cords from rubbing against one another when the tire flexes, unlike the cords on a bias ply tire. As a result, radial tires have less rolling resistance and heat buildup, which leads to a longer tread life and improved steering at higher speeds.



bolt pattern diagram



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