235/75R17.5 18-Ply Provider All Steel Tire on White Mod Dual Wheel 8x6.5"

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235/75R17.5 18-Ply Provider All Steel Tire on White Dual Mod Wheel 8x6.5"


Tire Specs:


Tire size: 235/75R17.5


Ply Rating: 18


Load Range: J


Overall Diameter: 31.2"


Section Width: 9.3"


Max Load Dual/single: 5450 lbs / 6005 lbs


PSI: 125 lbs





Market studies have shown that more than 40% of the towable market uses Provider ST Radials. The Provider features double polyester cord body, double steel belts and nylon overlays which contribute up to 15% more endurance in loading conditions when compared to other brands.


  • Double steel belted construction & double polyester cord body

  • Nylon tread firming belt overlays

  • Speed rated

  • Meets and exceeds FMVSS 119 and FMVSS 139 verified by independent lab testing in the United States.

  • Bake tested with a nitrogen/oxygen mixture (normally only done with passenger radials)




wheel specs:
Wheel Size: 17.5" x 6.75"
bolt pattern: 8x6.5"
Center Bore: 4.75"
offset: 142mm
max load per wheel: 6200 lbs
Easily upgrade your old 16" tires and wheels for 17.5"  today. The 17.5" works well with 10k and 12k dual tandem trailer axles. Same bolt pattern as 16" wheels. Be sure to check your hub drum to make sure it is 4.75".


235/75R17.5 18 Ply Provider All Steel Tire on White Dual Mod Wheel 8x6.5"



Have a heavy duty need? We have a heavy duty answer!


  • White and Silver coatings begin with a zinc phosphate bath, e-coat, and baked DuPont powder paint. The e-coat process is the most automatic, controllable, and efficient method for applying a corrosion inhibiting primer to a wheel.

  • Global product liability coverage

  • Dill valve stem installed

  • FEA optimized 4 window design on duals

  • Spun formed disks of ultra fine grained steel




Radial Tires vs. Bias Tires


Radial tire vs bias tire graphic




Radial ply tires are designed for trailers that are towed on the highway. The cords on a radial tire are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel so that they lay across the width of the tire from wheel lip to wheel lip. This construction prevents the cords from rubbing against one another when the tire flexes, unlike the cords on a bias ply tire. As a result, radial tires have less rolling resistance and heat buildup, which leads to a longer tread life and improved steering at higher speeds.








bolt pattern diagram






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