7k Brake Axle Kit w/ 16" 14Ply Tires and Silver Mod Wheels & Double Eye Springs

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Kit Includes:


(1) 7,000 lbs. Electric Brake Trailer Axle 8 lug


(2) 6 leaf 1-3/4” wide Double Eye springs


(1) 3” U-bolt kit (1 kit per axle)


(1) Single axle hanger kit (includes all the weld on hangers,spring bolts and nuts.)



(2) ST235/85R16 14-Ply TPU Radial LRF Tire on Silver Mod Wheel 8x6.5" 






This axle kit makes it very simple to upgrade your trailer axles if you currently have double eye springs on your trailer. 


This kit allows you to easily drop your old axle and springs off your trailer and replace them with new heavy duty springs and the 7000 lb axle with no welding or fabrication needed.







Axle Specs & Features:


Axle Brand: TPU


Capacity per Axle: 7,000 lbs


Axle hub Drum - 8 Lug on 8x6.5" bolt pattern 


Brakes: 12” x 2” Electric Brake


Axle Beam - 3" Tube 1/4" wall thickness


Axle Hub Cap - Fast Lube Grease (EZ-Lube)


Axle Studs - 9/16"


Replaces Dexter, AL-KO, Hayes,Lippert Axles, Rockwell American, and Just about any other brand axle.


Axles come fully assembled


Axles are pre-wired in the axle tube.


Packed with High-Temp Axle Grease.


Fast Lube Design.


Zerk fitting on the spindle uses a rubber plug on the hub cap to grease bearings simply.


Grease your axle without pulling off your whole entire hub.


Underslung – Axle is welded with spring seats on the bottom (Axle sits on top of the springs)


which Allows for lower ride height. For optimal usage, use with double eye springs


High Strength Cambered Steel Axle Tube Construction to ensure Even Tire Wear so the tires will last longer.


Trailer Tire Wheel Specifications:


Tire Size: ST235/85R16 


Ply Rating: 14


Load Range: G


Overall Diameter: 31.26”


Section Width: 9.25”


Max Capacity Per Tire: 4,400 lbs 


Tire PSI: 110 lb


Tread Depth: 12/32nds


Wheel Specs:


Wheel Size: 16” x 6”


Bolt Pattern: 8x6.5”


Center Bore Hole: 5.12”


Max Load Per Wheel: 4000 lbs


Offset: 0”






Spring Specifications:


6 Leaf 1-3/4" Wide Double Eye Spring 3.5k Cap. 24-7/8" eye to eye.


Measures 1-3/4" wide and 24-7/8" long from eye to eye.


Spring Type: Double Eye


Capacity per spring: 3,500 lbs


Leaves: 6


Eye Bushing Inner Dimension: 9/16"


Arch Height: 3"-3.25"


Spring Eye size: 9/16"



Single Hanger Kit Specs:



Attaches 2 leaf springs to your trailer frame

Use table below to determine hanger location based on type of leaf springs

Achieves 4" or 4-1/2" clearance between trailer frame and axle, depending on axle size


(2) 1-1/2" Tall front hangers

(2) 1-1/4" Tall rear hangers

(4) 3-1/8" Long shackle straps

(6) 3" Long x 9/16" diameter shackle bolts

(6) 9/16" Diameter locknuts


Designed for use on trailers with single, 2,000-lb to 8,000-lb axles






3" U-Bolt kit Includes:


(4) 1/2"-20 x 6.63" L 3" Tube U-bolts.


(8) 1/2"-20 U-bolt nuts.


(2) Tie Plates for 3" Wide Axle Tubing u bolts.


This Kit is all the u-bolts and hardware for one complete axle.




How to properly measure your axle:


Hub Face (HF):

measure from one end of the axle where the lug bolts protrude out from to the other end at the same point. This is the Hub Face.


Spring Center (SC):

Measure from the middle of the spring on one axle to the center of the other spring on the same axle.

There should be about a 15" difference between the Hub Face and the Spring Center measurement. (7-1/2" each side)







How To Measure Your Bolt Pattern:





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