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Can Brakes Be Added to a idler axle?

Can Brakes Be Added to a idler axle?

Posted by Kaleb Carter on Aug 13th 2016

This is one question we here at Trailer Parts Unlimited we are asked about very often. 

Can brakes be added to a idler axle?

Can brakes be added to an idler axle?
Adding brakes to an idler axle is relatively easy if the idler axle is equipped with the brake mounting flanges (the plate to which the brake is bolted). About half of the trailer manufacturers decide not to put the flanges on their idler axles to reduce their cost. If the axle does have flanges, you need both a RH and a LH brake assembly as well as two hub and drums to replace the plain hubs currently on the axle. If the axle is not equipped with flanges, you will need to purchase a new axle beam with brake flanges attached

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