1/2" Cone Lug Nut 60° Trailer Lug Nut (Each) 1/2"-20 Thread

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Trailer Wheel Lug Nut - Zinc-Plated Steel - 1/2" - Qty 1


Secure a wheel to your trailer with the help of this lug nut. It features zinc-plated steel construction and fits a 1/2" wheel stud.




Lugnut holds a mounted trailer wheel in place.

Zinc-plated steel construction is sturdy, rust-resistant and long-lasting




Quantity: 1 lug nut

Fits 1/2"-20 wheel studs

60-Degree coned (standard)

Threads per inch: 20

11051 Zinc-Plated Steel Trailer Wheel Replacement Lug Nut - 1/2"