4" Round Red 10 LED Stop, Turn, Tail, w/ Rubber Grommet 3 prong plug

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4″ Round 10-Diode Red LED Stop / Tail / Turn or Turn Signal Lamp, w/ Black rubber grommet and PL3 Style 9″ Wire harness with 3-contact male plug


LED 4 in. round red stop/tail/turn light offers FMVSS108 and DOT compliance and meets all legal lighting standards.

High strength polycarbonate lens and housing for additional durability are sealed to prevent water intrusion to fight against corrosion and moisture.

Can be grommet mounted and includes 10 high output LED diodes for a more visible stop and turn function.


8000R12/24, 800RTE, 800R, 8000RTE12/24, 8000R